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Software development is the future of business. Every day people are relying more on SaaS and mobile apps to carry out their daily tasks. This is true across many business sectors. Examples include entertainment, governance,
food delivery, and a variety of services.

Both public and private sector businesses are using mobile apps.
Hence, it makes sense to focus your efforts on developing an app. The possibilities are endless and, if you do this right, your app can be very profitable.

But how to do this properly? There will be hundreds of competitors out there trying to create top-notch software.

If you want your product to be unique there are some things to consider :

  • Planning
  • Market Research
  • Structuring
  • Iteration
  • Releasing an MVP
  • Conducting Analytics
  • Product Scaling
  • Finding and/or forming the right developers’ team

This process requires talent, technical skills, and dedication. Also , all this needs to be done within your available budget.

Luckily, it’s possible to have both quality and budget optimization. The answer is to hire an Agile project management team.

Advantages of Agile Project -

Control your

Thanks to our advanced analytics and market experience, we can predict issues and minimize their impact.

Define your

After meeting with you, we set up the project goals and milestones. We establish priorities so that you achieve results faster. The project owner approves the suggestions before their implementation.


Since we have a dedicated team we can deliver quality fast. Our high level of adaptability is useful in an ever-changing market.


This is key for a smooth workflow. All our team members are on the same page and the project owner is kept up-to-date at all times.


Our team has all the tools to ensure a smooth workflow across units. We encourage interaction, communication, and collaboration.

Analytics and

We monitor the projects development and analyze results at all stages. This helps us change strategies early enough to prevent a serious impact on the project.

Staying within

An Agile approach helps control expenses while delivering quality. We can achieve the highest performance possible within your budget.


Our strategies allow projects to grow. An Agile team can adapt at any time to fit the project’s new goals.

Choosing a Project Manager

Developing SaaS is a complex matter. It requires coordinated efforts from different teams and professionals.

Moreover, these efforts vary according to the project’s stage. You’ll need software engineers, designers, UX/UI specialists, and marketers . Also essential are analytics and big data experts.

But how can you organize such a large and diverse team? How can you do this in the long term?

Finding the right type of manager can be the answer.


This is the expert that will manage a project from start to end. They organize deliveries, milestones, time frames, and control the budget.


A Scrum master specializes in Agile approaches. They coordinate the workflow, ensuring fast completion of milestones and product quality.


This professional specializes in product development. Thanks to this manager your product can achieve optimal results.


Your coach applies the Agile principles to the work process. This means coordination across teams and process optimization.

The Agile Management -

The key to a successful software product lies in the working process. Agile workflows stand out thanks to their high level of performance.

The following paragraphs outline the process step – by – step.

01Plan Layout

After a meeting with the project owner, we establish the general goals. Then, we set up the required milestones to reach that goal. The plan is then presented to the owner for approval. It includes time frames and details for each milestone.


Establish and manage the team tasks to achieve the milestones. Feedback from previous experiences is also considered.


Software engineers build the product. We perform routine tests to assure prime functionality. We are also ready to hire new professionals if necessary. This process is fast and effective thanks to our connections.


Once the product is ready, we test it. It must work properly and match the business requirements. It must also meet the expectations of potential users. We achieve this through analytics reports, big data management, and user behavior research.


This is the most exciting stage. We release the product into the market and analyze the first user responses. This allows us to change strategies if necessary. The product also needs maintenance. Based on analytics, it’s possible to make constant improvements .

06Product Improvement

Even successful products need improvement. The market changes all the time and the competition is fierce. We make sure your product is always at the top of its niche.

-Agile Project Management
The Future of Teamwork

The Agile Manifesto

As an Agile – focused team we value the following :

  • Interaction and individuals over tools and processes.
  • Working software over extensive documentation.
  • Customer collaboration over negotiation.
  • Fast responses to change over following an established plan.

‘Agile’ is a term that describes a set of methodologies to reach certain goals. Its principles are set out above. Due to the success of these methods, many large companies have adopted them. There is proof that Agile approaches achieve a faster launch-to -market time.

It ensures high product quality with fewer expenses. Further, it saves the project owner lots of time and effort.

The Agile approach acknowledges the fact that products are always evolving. It offers the necessary framework to make this possible, hence its popularity.

In this context, teams apply a set of tools, skills, and techniques to complete the milestones. This process occurs in short project cycles, allowing better control over the results. It also allows teams to spot errors before they become serious issues.

One of the reasons for Agile’s success is its unique approach founded on collaboration. Achieving the highest product quality is possible with the help of end-users, managers, and experts.

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Agile Approach vs -
Traditional Methods (Waterfall)

In traditional project management methods like the Waterfall approach, the manager is responsible for everything. This includes budget, recruiting, quality, risk assessment, monitoring, reporting, and adapting to changes.

The Waterfall method is linear and less flexible. It breaks down the process into different stages. You have to complete each step before moving on to the next one. This makes it impractical when it comes to quality control and error fixing.

If a bug appears along the way, the process suffers a setback. You’ll have to go back to previously completed stages for revision and amendments. This means undoing what was already done.

Agile management was born in response to this lack of flexibility. It consists of incremental progress where all aspects are considered. It allows you to make any necessary changes and improvements over a functioning base. Feedback and collaboration are key. Agile methods have proven to be more efficient in responding to market shifts.

- Why choose an Agile methodology -
over a traditional one?


By establishing priorities and iterating the process, changes are easier to implement. This is an advantage considering today’s ever-changing market.


Agile systems use fixed schedules and tight delivery terms. This makes it easy to estimate and administrate budgets. It also helps prioritize objectives.

Focus on

The small units within the project are very useful. They are objective-oriented and allow for more control and better response to error.

Based on

The owners, managers, and team members share responsibility and collaborate to achieve goals. This is the opposite of a waterfall approach where responsibility falls on one person.

User -

Agile projects have a quick MVP and time-to-market. This allows the team to change strategies based on real user feedback.

and Continuity

Even after the product is ready and scaled, the team continues to make improvements. This means enhancing and maintaining the product.

How are Scrum
teams formed?

Scrum is a methodology based on Agile principles. For it to work well, it needs three key players :


This is the person responsible for the product’s quality. They ensure that the best outcome is derived from the development team’s work. Their main focus is to establish the best way to achieve goals.


This manager optimizes the workflow by implementing Agile principles. This includes finding and applying the right tools and ensuring a smooth process. Promoting communication is one of their main tasks.


This is a cross-functional team. The members are equally responsible for the organization and performance of the unit. They are the ones who take the owner’s idea and make it a reality.

Final Thoughts on Agile Project

Complicated times call for new methodologies. Innovation, flexibility, and creativity have become crucial in software development. In this context, an Agile approach can be the best choice. It streamlines processes, reduces costs, accelerates time-to-market, and provides accurate analytics.

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