Application Modernization

How Application Modernization can
improve your software’s efficiency

An effective modernization process is important to keep your platform at the top of the industry. There is always room for improvement in an ever-changing market.
It’s not only about refining the user experience and enhancing features. By modernizing your app, you can optimize costs and improve efficiency.
With Tech Variable, you can modernize your platform safely and cost-efficiently. We make sure none of your business processes are interrupted during the upgrade.

App Modernization services

Cloud migration

Research shows that more than a third of companies make cloud migration their top investment priority.

Migration can save you over half of the operating costs. It also increases availability by almost 100%.

It provides a significant improvement to all your business processes. This includes security measures, productivity, and the release of new features.

Migration types

Re-hosting : By migrating your platform to a new infrastructure, you can optimize the use of hardware resources. This step smooths future modernization transitions. However, this approach shows limitations when it comes to scalability and performance.

Re-platforming : Coding upgrades are a valuable complement to the migration process. It improves efficiency and makes the platform more resilient to bugs.

Re-architecting : This is approach allows the highest level of flexibility. We restructure your app so it can leverage the cloud possibilities, adapting to different performance requirements. Your application is fully optimized allowing dynamic loading, partial updates, and technology mix.


If you already have a functioning app, Tech Variable can help you retouch it.

Introducing slight changes in coding and design produces significant improvements in your platform.

You’ll find it more responsive and efficient, with a better look and feel.

This can help you adapt its functionality across different devices andsimplify maintenance and upgrades.


We work with legacy software, turning it into a fully operating system.

If your apps are running on obsolete technology, Tech Variable can help you to upgrade them.

We do this by using modern frameworks, databases, and programming languages.


A containerization approach helps you scale your product with greater ease.

We can pack your app’s parts into separate packages at an OS level. Thus, you’ll need fewer resources for the app to run.

Containerization also simplifies movements across separate environments.

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