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What are cloud data analytics services?

The key of cloud analytics is the location of where you store the company’s information. Rather than keeping it on the company’s own servers, it’s managed from a third-party cloud. This approach is successful due to a unique combination of data analytics and business intelligence.

By handing the analysis of your data to a reliable provider, you make processes easier for your staff. For example, Tech Variable leverages your data with thorough analytics, effective setup, and regular maintenance. Thus, your team will receive the exact information they need to fulfill their tasks.


How it works

Step 1

First, the data is driven from a variety of sources. These include websites, social media profiles, and CRM systems.

Step 2

The information is then gathered in the cloud. This includes locations such as Google, Azure, or AWS.

Step 3

Next, the data is stored, analyzed, and organized in an accessible way. Users have access to graphics, visualizations, reporting, and dashboards.

Step 4

Your team may use the cloud data to optimise expenses and operations. This is the ideal approach to gain a thorough understanding of the industry and boost profitability.

Advantages of hiring top data
analytics services

Data Centralization

When data is spread across various platforms, it can be difficult to have a clear view of a company’s performance. A major advantage of cloud analytics is the ability to see all this data on one dashboard.

Enhanced security

SaaS providers must meet strict standards to provide secure data storage.


Since it doesn’t run on specific hardware, you can upgrade your cloud storage on-demand. Feel free to scale up your analytics services if you have a sudden peak of data.

Cost-effectiveness and profitability

Moving your data into the cloud means that you won’t need hardware to support your servers. It also reduces costs, as you won’t need to hire an in-house maintenance team.

Effective remote work

Improved SaaS and digital technology have made remote work more popular than ever. A cloud-based analytics system is vital so that everyone can access updated information.

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