Build an offshore team in india and develop your project

We bring a turnkey solution for remote outsourcing. Delegate part of your workload to a fully managed offshore team.

Build your remote team

Recruitment team to find talent quickly

One of the most time-consuming tasks when building a team is recruitment. It involves finding the right candidates, interviewing, and discussing salaries and conditions.

Office space and administration services

We offer assistance to consolidate your team. We can help you rent a space for your local office and set up the necessary technology. We make your job easier as we take care of administrative tasks like handling payrolls.

Secure and confidential

The members of our staff will sign an NDA to protect your information and ensure your rights. We make sure every person in your offshore team signs one as well.

Make the best out of your budget

Thanks to our retainer payment model you’ll make sure to pay for quality. Developing software is a complex process and objectives change all the time.

Full control over operations


Efficient playbook

We have more than 5 offshore units in different parts of the world. Our efficient playbook allows us to optimize all processes. Thus, we can set up the tools you need quickly without compromising flexibility.


Fully managed teams

We structured our units vertically. Our projects leaders will be the communication point between you and your team. These leaders have many years of experience and have worked with different technologies. This will save you time as you won’t have to deal with each engineer individually.


Faster transfer

Our main motto is ‘if you grow, we grow’. You can recruit talented engineers with rotational travels sponsored by us.


Remain in control

After a year you can choose to take full control of your people and infrastructure. We spend the first 12 months creating and optimizing your team so that you can enjoy the benefits. We take care of the heaviest part of the job for you.

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Assemble your dedicated team within an offshore development center so that you can scale faster