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Engage offshore teams with varied expertise to construct your product’s initial version. Collaborate closely to attain product-market fit through iterative enhancements.

What we do

The biggest challenge in the early stages is to create a viable product in a short amount of time. Although it may seem strange, the most important part of a project is its beginning. The complete journey from idea to income-generating product can be difficult. Sad to say, many fail in the process. This is why you need a reliable team to support you along the way. Tech Variable has a varied pool of talent that covers different areas of expertise.

Minimum Viable

We help startups to create a minimum version of their product that they can test in a real environment.Thus, they obtain feedback in real-time before scaling the product and incurring further expenses.


Collaborate with TechVariable's UX design services to enhance user trust, engagement, and loyalty in your digital products and platforms.

AWS Neptune

Partner with TechVariable's AWS neptune consultants and engineers to utilize this graph database for ensuring maximum performance and scalability, as well as accelerating your business growth.

How we get you Launch-ready

Defining your product requirements

Defining product requirements ensures your product meets customer needs, is delivered on time and within budget, and succeeds in the marketplace.

Identify the MVP scope and prioritize features

Identify MVP scope with minimum features, and prioritize based on user feedback, market demand, and technical feasibility. Launch faster, validate, and iterate.

Early adopter feedback

Early adopter feedback refines your product, validates assumptions, and creates loyal customers. Seek feedback, listen, iterate quickly, and gain a competitive edge.

Build MVP in a few weeks

Launch MVP in weeks by focusing on essential features, leveraging tools, working with a small team, testing quickly, and iterating based on feedback

Precision problem capturing at scale

Precision problem capturing at scale identifies customer pain points, prioritizes issues, and gathers data to improve satisfaction, reduce churn, and gain a competitive advantage.

Creating interactive prototypes

Create interactive prototypes with tools like Figma, InVision, or Sketch to validate product ideas, gather feedback, identify issues, and iterate quickly.

MVP development in a matter of weeks

Develop MVP in weeks with clear scope, prioritized features, small team, and rapid iterations. Focus on essentials, leverage existing tools, launch fast, test quickly, iterate based on feedback.

Integrate user feedback in the product

Integrate user feedback into product development to improve user satisfaction, reduce churn, and gain a competitive edge. Seek feedback, listen carefully, and prioritize impactful changes.

See how our solutions are making a difference

An Innovative Augmented Reality and AI Solution for Online Clothing Stores

TechVariable's AR and AI solution for online clothing stores lets users create an avatar and try on clothes, reducing returns. The project was delivered in 6 months, showcasing expertise in UI-UX, mobile app dev, frontend, and backend management.


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