Complete product development
with an offshore dedicated team

Nowadays, it’s possible to grow while optimizing costs. This can be achieved with the help of an offshore team. We create your software development unit so that you can achieve your goals and enter the market faster.

How we work

Thanks to our dedicated group we can build software fast and effectively. We have an extensive code library, documented practices, multi-tier architecture, cloud-native operations, and automated testing.
These tools are combined across a well-established workflow that optimizes processes. We use automated testing, thorough documentation, and quality pull requests.
When a project needs new professionals we understand where to find them. Our years of experience have given us a deep insight into the market. Thanks to our connections we source the right talent for a specific task.
Our development process is based on 5 stages


Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering includes creating a client feature list, scope document, market analysis, and feasibility study to ensure project goals align with business objectives and requirements are met within constraints. This process greatly increases the chances of project success.


Team Set Up

We analyze your objectives and introduce you to the best professionals. We choose the right Architects, Analysts, UX/UI Designers, and Programmers. But this is only the first step.


We assign a dedicated person that will be in charge of your project. They are called ‘domain experts’. Thus, you can forget about micromanaging and focus on other tasks. Your expert will be in touch with you regarding the guidelines, goals, and updates. He/she will organize and supervise the workflow, taking that burden off your shoulders.


As part of our services, we offer complete accountability. We take care of wages, salaries, agreements, recruiting, invoices, and administrative tasks.


Documentation Process

The documentation process includes creating a Product Requirements Document, Tech Architecture, and System Flow diagrams to provide a blueprint for project implementation. Proper documentation is essential for scalability, maintenance, and future enhancements of the project.


Development Process

The development process involves creating an Initial POC, Module-based development, testing, and an Iteration process to refine and improve the project. These practices ensure efficient development and project success, meeting requirements outlined in documentation and satisfying stakeholders.


Deployment Process

The deployment process involves releasing the project to Development, Quality Analysis, and Production environments. Proper deployment practices ensure stability, and reliability, and meet requirements outlined in the documentation. Efficient deployment is crucial for project success and stakeholder satisfaction.

Why choose us?

Management Experts

Your team at TechVariable will be fully managed by an experienced engineer. You only have to meet a few times to set up the goals, assess results, and redirect strategies.

Fast Market Exposure

Thanks to our resources we can launch your MVP in less than 90 days. We help you reach your goals faster than anyone.


We prioritize communication at all levels. Coworkers, managers, engineers, designers, and analysts are in constant touch through phone, emails, and forum rooms. Our managers will let you know about the project’s progress. They will report on performance, achievements, and setbacks.


With TechVariable you can achieve your goals faster. Take your product to the next level without extra effort. We find the right talent to help you achieve your milestones even with a tight schedule.

End-to-End Product Development

We help you in every step of the journey: from early design to product scalability and enhancement. Each stage needs special skills and certain experts. We are aware of this and provide what’s needed at a given moment.

Fixed Pricing

With this model there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. By agreeing a fixed fee you can estimate exactly what you’ll spend and at which stage. This is the best option for new startups that have a limited budget.

Client Testimonial

Put innovation in the fast lane,
with TechVariable's end-to-end product development services.