Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

Revolutionize healthcare with our quality software development services. Our solutions include robust web as well as mobile infrastructure for providers and patients.

Healthcare software development expertise

Personalized healthcare app and software development services to enhance provider experience, medical care and achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Compliant HIPAA Architecture

Leverage our team's expertise in HIPAA compliance for tailored technical and regulatory advice to ensure project success.

EMR & EHR Integration

Count on us for expert guidance in managing data from EMR/EHRs. Our experience in scaling, integrating, and securing systems ensures quality interfacing and access control.

Interperability SMART on FHIR

We standardize EHR system authentication and integration with SMART, improving interoperability. HL7's FHIR enables resource exchange with a standard.

UI-UX Design

Crafting immersive digital experiences that captivate and delight providers and patients with strategic, user-centered designs. Flawless fit for all screen sizes.

Web & mobile Application Development

We develop engaging mobile apps and web applications with cutting edge tech. Coding to high standards and testing continuously under agile frameworks.

Data Analytics

Leverage data analytics for care management and optimization as well as improved user experience. Gain valuable insights and drive business success.

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User-focused healthcare software development

We use the quadruple aim framework to guide business strategy and UX decisions, balancing healthcare cost, increased availability, improved care quality, and enhanced clinical expertise. Our solutions contribute to value-based healthcare and meet quality metrics.

Healthcare costs

Clinical expertise

Availability of healthcare

Care quality standard

See how our solutions are making a difference in healthcare

An application for care gap management amongst the underserved communities

TechVariable created a platform to help Federally Qualified Health Centers in the US with care gap management, using AWS Neptune, Node.js, and React. The system provides daily accurate performance measures and identifies patients with gaps in medical attention.


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Blogs and articles

Ensure HIPAA compliance for your healthcare application

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) establishes national standards for safeguarding patient health data, and protecting PHI privacy and security. While most companies that process PHI must comply with HIPAA, there are some edge cases where it may not be required.