• Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee
  • May 06, 2022

Dealing with the ever-expanding network traffic: How Django leads the game

Hi, there! You might be a Web-app developer, a researcher, or a keen learner. Since you’re on this page, you probably have searched for network traffic and wanted to know more about the ever-expanding Network Traffic.

Network Traffic or Data Traffic is the quantity of data moving around a network at any particular time and Network Traffic Control is the process of controlling bandwidth usage and maintaining your network traffic to prevent unexpected traffic spikes and bottlenecks. There are multiple frameworks available for the developers, but Django stands out with its feature which helps to deal with the Network Traffic.

Effects of Network Traffic

1. Reliability

For a Web service to function in an efficient way, the stability of a network, reliable communication, and application performance becomes the utmost important factor.

2. Quality of Service

The Service delivered through the network is a quality one only if the data communicated to the end users are up to the mark.

3. Scalability

Network Scalability is the capacity of a network to increase or decrease the bandwidth capacity with the fluctuating demand, without overspending.

4. Performance

A single interaction on the web app might generate up to 4-5 requests at a go. Network Traffic Management affects data transfer performance which results in performance delay.

5. Security

Security Misconfiguration is one of the most common mistakes a developer makes. Data vulnerability on networks is at high risk during the increased data traffic.

We have seen that the Internet has continuously expanded in the last few decades, and there we see no indication that the expansion is decelerating. We all know how the Internet has changed so many things people do daily, starting from the first scroll to the last.

From individuals to groups & small businesses to large, the requirement of the internet and its usage is going to increase with time. And it all depends on how you prepare to deal with the ever-expanding of network traffic.

The first step towards building a web app is to choose the right framework, that allows designers and developers to rapidly deliver software that can scale and evolve to meet customer needs.

The quality of a good framework is that it saves time, is well organized, flexible & customizable, scalable-fast-secure, easy deployment & maintenance & has enough support libraries.

Handling network traffic is a mandate if your site or web app is receiving massive traffic. The backend needs to be tough enough to handle the increased network traffic and enhance web performance.

There are multiple frameworks available for the developers for eg. Angular, React, Vue, Embler, Django, Ruby, Laravel, etc., but Django leads the game when it comes to handling Network Traffic with its feature Scalability. Here’s how…

Django framework is quite popular amongst Python developers. It is one of the most readable and easy-to-use programming languages for a beginner. Apps developed using Django, are designed to meet the heaviest of network demands.

It is a free, open-source web framework that is programmed in high-level Python language. With the help of Django, developers can now access the backend of the web app with ease and can work at a rapid pace. The framework handles too many tasks at the backend so that the developer saves time on reconstructing the base.

Advantages of the Django Framework

1. Faster Development

With the organized and well-structured database at the backend, it becomes easier for the developers to put their hands into developing the front-end of the web app or the website at a faster pace.

2. Feature-Rich Platform

Django framework comes along with built-in features such as user authentication, content admin tools, sitemaps, and many more; this enables the developers to work with ease.

3. Security

SQL injection and other common development mistakes are nullified in Django. A Django web application is fully secured with industry-standard user authentication systems.

4. Network Scalability

One of the biggest advantages of Django is that the apps built on the framework can meet the heaviest of network demands. Regardless of how much traffic you are facing, any app built around Django will be able to keep up.

5. Community

The Django community is massive, and a proven asset for all developers. To resolve any issue with your project, the Django community is available to help you out.

6. Custom Web Development

There are no platforms that can offer the same amount of custom web development options as Python. Since Django is built around Python, You can get your custom apps developed in a much smaller time frame than any other framework.

Django is an extremely scalable and well-thought-out framework. It will allow you to scale your application horizontally and be able to support hundreds of millions of requests. With Django, a developer can switch from a small to large-scale application project. Start your next big project with Django like in this case-study to avoid unnecessary network traffic.

The Django web nodes have no stored state, they scale horizontally – just fire up more of them when you need them. Being able to do this is the essence of good scalability.

The startups these days begin the development with the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model initially. An MVP model should be scalable for further development and the Django framework is a perfect solution to create an MVP Model.

Django can be used in developing various sites and applications that include shopping platforms, booking engines, Android and iOS apps/web apps, Email notification systems, admin dashboards, and many more.

Top brands that use the Django framework

Django is the best open-source framework that offers a well-established library in multiple languages for the developers’ convenience. The developer can search for any function with ease.

1. Instagram
2. Spotify
3. Dropbox
4. Pinterest
5. Mozilla
6. National Geography & various others.

It’s always a hard part to choose a language before starting a new project. There are lots of options available to developers in this age of coding. And developing a project with all its functionalities has always been a challenge. Finding the right team to bring your dream into reality and carrying it forward without any trouble is what matters the most.

You can grab some hot tea and continue your read with another interesting blog.

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