Our security protocols ensure confidentiality and protection

We are committed to protecting your data and your intellectual property by following rigorous security protocols and handling everything with utmost confidentiality – you can trust us with anything!

Your information is in safe hands with us at TechVariable. We have
all-encompassing measures to ensure that your ideas, plans, and data
are always protected.


With this in mind, we make sure that our entire team has the proper security awareness to work in a protected environment. All of our employees have to complete security training before starting work. We also have stringent background checks before hiring our team members or onboard partners and consultants.

Stringent Onboarding
& Exit Procedures

All our employees sign a comprehensive general NDA. In addition, specific project-level NDAs ensure additional protection. For example, all-access grants and permissions to your code are recorded. When an employee exits the project or company, all such accesses are revoked as the first step of exit procedures.


Access to repositories, servers, and even data is controlled by providing only need-based access. Additionally, we also use techniques like anonymization to ensure that any factual information is not exposed unless necessary.


Your project might have unique needs. So at the start, we decide what security measures we will implement to protect your privacy. Then our team of talented developers, designers, and other experts can customize our security services to meet your individual needs.

IT Infrastructure

From Firewalls to dedicated workspace for your projects, we have it covered in IT security. With the latest tools to ensure that no unauthorized data goes out, we can ensure that even the most stringent of your security requirements are fulfilled.


24/7 CCTV Surveillance, Backup for uninterrupted power supply, biometric authentication, and stringent adherence to all provisions of the ISMS framework ensure that all information is secured from any threat.

Still have questions on how we ensure security of your IP & safeguard your innovative ideas