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Developing and producing an MVP has been an effective solution for tech startups. MVP stands for ‘Minimum Viable Product’, and it’s the release of a basic version of an idea. This software will comprise the minimal features required according to the product conceptualization.

The Advantages of MVP-

A minimum viable product allows you to test your product in a real-life environment before launching it to a larger audience. It must have the basic features that are essential to the product.

In other words, this is testing software. Since real people are using it, you get valuable user feedback. That can help you shift strategies or simply discard the project where necessary.

It helps companies to save money before taking on scalability expenses. That’s especially important if the product is not viable.

If it is viable, it’s easier to change strategies or fix bugs when the product is still rather small. This results in fewer losses and higher product optimization.

-Do I need an MVP?

Although this is a useful approach, it’s not for everyone. Entrepreneurs with firm goals and a product they know well may not need this. Sometimes, they will have approved budgets for all the project deliverables. In this case, an MVP would throw them off the budget.

So, who needs an MVP? Basically, all startups intending to create new products or establish innovative contributions. It’s also beneficial for projects that have a limited budget and can’t afford scalability without taking financial risks.

-Advantages of Developing your-
MVP at TechVariable

Thorough Analysis

We study your product’s environment. That is its market, audience, competition, trends, and potential investors. Based on this, we prioritize characteristics and establish the minimal features required for your prototype.

Effective Communication and Proactiveness

Innovative paths require flexibility. Our team is open to communication at all stages of the process. We provide regular reports on the product development and communicate all issues encountered. We find that an honest approach is the best one. We are also open to new ideas and suggestions along the way.

Quick Launch and Adaptability

We are quick to establish a team to work on your project. This enables us to release the first prototype fast and start gathering feedback. As the project evolves, we have the resources to accompany you on your journey. We adapt our team according to market demands, budget constraints, and time limitations.

Advanced Technical Skills

We are well-qualified to take on complex projects. This is thanks to our multi-discipline team. We have experts across a wide variety of areas. These include web development, data analytics, design, advertisers, and AI technology.

- MVP Development Process-


We study your business


Our team of designers creates the


The coding department turns your
idea into a reality


We release your product and learn
from real user feedback

Contact us and rely on our team for an end-to-end
product creation process.

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