Product Conceptualization

The importance of Product Conceptualization
for the success of your project

Product conceptualization is a vital step in product development. It is particularly crucial in the initial stages and during further upgrades. Following this process ensures optimal performance. This is a century of constant change and ever-higher market demands. Therefore, those who take more factors into consideration will win the race. But what are we talking about when discussing product conceptualization?

A smart approach to achieving-
the best performance

Wasting time and investing lots of money without a well-established strategy is detrimental to the product. Project owners must ask themselves the following questions :

  • Who needs my product?
  • Can I sustain the project?
  • What can my product offer?

Hence, product conceptualization first considers the target niche and the problem it has. Then, you need to establish the product’s key value. Finally, decide on the business model that you can afford to sustain.

When the goals are clear, the product is then developed and tested using prototypes.

How does it work?

As with every innovative project, product conceptualization has different stages and spans various expertise fields.

First, you need to understand a project’s reach. A product that is highly successful now can be obsolete in a decade. VCRs and CDs are perfect examples of this.

A strategic long-term vision is very beneficial here. It helps to establish the viability of the product in the current market and the mid-term future. Then, the team needs to use powerful analytics and data collecting tools. By analyzing customer behavior and market needs, you can offer an effective solution through your product.

Based on this data, the next step is a brainstorming process. This is where you can come up with ideas and useful product features. Remember to establish these according to the users’ demands.

Finally, you need to choose the tools and techniques to deliver the required product. According to the complexity, establish different milestones, due dates, and time frames. When the first prototype is on the market, you can use user feedback to improve the product. Thus, you generate a healthy life cycle: research, analysis, application, development, testing, and research again.

The TechVariable Methodology

We can offer effective solutions for product conceptualization and development. This is thanks to our many years of
experience and our dedicated team.
The projects we have worked on have given us the necessary elements, data, and resources.

Our methodology consists of four stages:


01We explore your
business and its

The team studies your
business, market, and

02SWOT analysis and product vision

We analyze your project’s strengths and weaknesses, both internal and external. This gives us an idea of your current market position and potential.


At this stage, we set out the characteristics that your product must have and develop the concept.

04Implementation Process

We create a detailed road map with objectives, milestones, and technologies needed to reach the established goals.

Why Choose TechVariable

We have a wide portfolio to back up our credentials. Besides analysis capabilities, we have the resources to establish a streamlined workflow across two qualified teams. Our experts work with an agile project management approach. This helps them to achieve better results and higher performance.

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