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Mobile applications are a must for every industry. Yet, some industries can be challenging. Not every startup can afford to wait between 6-12 months to launch their application. Rapid application development is an effective solution for these cases.

How does rapid -
application work?

The key to rapid application development is to reach objectives fast while maintaining quality.

This is possible thanks to iterative development processes. We use tools such as RAD recurring prototyping and DevOps procedures.

This allows users to visualize the app’s functionalities at an early stage. It thus leaves a wider scope for improvement.

Rapid application development streamlines the workflow. This occurs through a set of automations that eliminate the need for manual testing.

Advantages of rapid app development

Faster Results

The use of RAD allows us to streamline our processes. Traditional methods and documentation are replaced by code reusability and low-code programming.

Reduced Costs

RMAD prototyping doesn’t require a license, hence, it has lower costs. This approach can help you optimize your budget throughout the product development curve.

Higher Clarity

When applied effectively, a RAD process helps you achieve results faster. It allows you to receive early feedback from both investors and users. This is invaluable and helps you improve your idea to the fullest extent possible. Thus, you ensure that the end product brings value to your target audience.

Enhanced Safety

The RAD process includes agile sprints repeated as often as needed. This helps to uncover issues and bugs prior to release.

Our rapid development services

Following these guidelines, Tech Variable can help you build the right software for your business. Our experts offer a variety of products including MVPs, web and mobile applications, eCommerce stores, CMS platforms, B2B and B2C solutions, and UI/UX design. We also specialize in cross-platform applications, providing a smooth transition between devices. This is important for audiences that use both desktop and mobile devices. In all cases, Tech Variable delivers effective solutions. We rely on our team’s talent, our experience, and our agile methodology.

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