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To make a big dream come true you need to start from scratch. Skipping steps will only lead to failure or, best case scenario, to massive expenses and waste of time. By creating a prototype, you can assess the product’s functionality, validate it with your target customers, and reduce the possibility of failure. Through our prototype development services, you can optimize your product’s development curve considerably.

Prototyping vs MVP

The first question that arises is: what is the difference between a prototype and a minimum viable product?

Although these approaches have similar objectives, they also present key differences.

While a prototype is a device to test a product’s functionality, an MVP is a ready-to-use version to be tested with real users.

As we stated in another one of our posts, The MVP is a basic version with the minimum amount of features and functionalities.

-Why do I need a prototype-
and why is it useful?

01Test the product’s feasibility

A prototype allows you to quickly test the functionality of your product. This is done cost-effectively and helps you save time.

02Time frames and budget planning

The prototype development requires the application of tools and techniques. Even if applied on a limited version, this helps you plan. You can estimate the costs and milestones needed to create the end product.

03Save money

It is much more cost-effective to improve a prototype than a larger version. Also, if the larger version is already available on the market, the troubleshooting can affect the users’ experience.

04Get funding

A prototype is a great way to get funding. You can show a functioning version of the product to potential investors.

05Early iteration

Iterate your product from an early stage and avoid complications in the future.

UX/UI and Visual Design

This part requires special attention. Think of your platform as the bridge between you and your customer. All the engineering work must be oriented towards the generation of a nice-looking platform and easy-to-use interface. No matter how good your product is or how well you structure your marketing plan. The reality is that customers must easily figure out how to use your platform and what benefit it brings them.

We have a solid team of UX/UI designers with many years of experience developing interfaces. Thanks to our wide documentation and data analytics, we know what users look for in an app. Thus, we can leverage this knowledge to provide solid prototypes before launching the product.

Why create your prototype through Tech Variable?

Our main presentation card is our experience. We have a portfolio of complex projects created successfully. Tech Variable can achieve this thanks to our communication skills, which allow us to work with a client-based approach. We have two dedicated teams of experts in the necessary fields. Working with an agile development philosophy, we have the resources to support your product from the start. Thus, we accompany you on the journey to creating a fully optimized product.

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