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Join us and showcase your crowd-pulling personality to win exciting hampers


What will you get in
our Campus Ambassador Internship?

  • Campus Ambassador Certificate and Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Recognition of active Campus ambassadors on the company website’s about us page.
  • Opportunity to interact and network with CAs of different colleges around the state.
  • This position is tenured, part-time and unpaid.
  • Opportunity to work closely with the company’s CEO and Unit heads.
  • Experience of networking with leading tech professionals and gaining thorough information about entrepreneurship.
  • A first-hand experience of working with a start-up.
  • Exciting gift hampers or goodies will be provided by the end of their tenure.

Who can apply for our Campus Ambassador Programs?

  • Good communication skills
  • Students from engineering and management
  • Aspiration to work in a startup
  • Good connections within student fraternity
  • Strong presence in social media
  • Proactive in organising workshops and college events

What will you do in
Our Campus Ambassador Programme?

  • Be the networking bridge in arranging events and activities.
  • Be proactive on all the events assigned.
  • Promote the social media handles of the company.
  • Organize webinars, meetups and get sponsored by Techvariable.
  • Connect with other ambassadors and share resources.

Meet your fellow campus ambassadors

Anwesha Bhattacharya
Tezpur University

As Techvariable is a new start up company i look forward to work as a campus ambassador, hopefully learn about the industry through hands on experience

Sandeep Kumar Prajapati
Tezpur University

I am currently pursuing MBA from Department of Business Administration, Tezpur University. With a massive interest in management, I am happy to be a part of Techvariable as a campus ambassador.

Aditi Mech
Golaghat Engineering College

I am a student of Golaghat Engineering College pursuing my B.Tech in Civil Engineering. I am happy and excited to start my journey as a Campus Ambassador of TechVariable

Pranjit Paul
Barak Valley Engineering College

I am a final year student pursuing my degree from Barak Valley Engineering college, I am gladly looking forward to work as a Campus Ambassador for TechVariable.

Apply for Campus Ambassador program

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    I have read the “Hiring notification” and undertake to follow the rules and procedures.

    I understand that the positions are on ‘Volunteer basis”

    I would never jeopardize the company’s interest at any cost.


    Frequently asked

    The company will be hiring pre-final year students which means that they are eligible to apply for the post during their 3rd/4th semester of BE/Btech, and MBA/Mass Com. students can apply for it in their initial 1st/2nd semester. Therefore, the tenure for this position will be for 18-24 months.
    The Campus Ambassadors will be selected to promote the brand and organize events within their college campus. Scrutinizing their performance and excellence they will be provided with goodies and hampers along with campus ambassador certificates and letters of appreciation. It isn’t a paid program per se but selected students can enjoy many benefits along with cash incentives during the course.
    The working hours of the CA will be flexible and will be engaged in a way that they will get ample amount of time to do the activities assigned in a more relaxed and enjoyable manner without hampering their academics.
    Since, all the workspace and colleges are bound to follow the online mode due to Covid restrictions, the events and promotional activities will be designed in such a way that it can be easily accessed through online platforms till time permits. It is also important to note that the CAs need to be available on social media especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.
    Some of the key roles and responsibilities of the Campus Ambassadors are-
    a. The campus ambassadors are expected to promote the social media handles of the company among their college students.
    b. Be the networking bridge between the campus and the company as for example- announcing information regarding different events and activities within their campus or contact information of the college professors for interviews and opinions.
    c. Be associated with the company for the given tenure.
    d. Be proactive on all the events assigned.
    e. To organize different webinars, discussions and meetups and get sponsored by Techvariable.
    f. To connect with other ambassadors and share resources.
    g. Connect the company about placement cells of their university.
    h. Create a Techvariable Facebook group/page and use it to promote activities and information of TechVariable in their colleges and universities.

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