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Increase in on doctor-on-demand service for a hospital

Creating an easy and accessible platform for meeting real-time medical needs

Telehealth, aka telemedicine, is the remote delivery of medical care and general health services. Real-time telemedicine allows patients and physicians to communicate synchronously through a video, audio, or chatroom platform. 

This approach became increasingly popular during the pandemic when physical contact was limited. In addition to ensuring that healthcare services are available anywhere, anytime, telemedicine also takes a stand when accessing specialized care and saving money.

A USA-based client tasked TechVariable with designing and developing a telehealth MVP allowing patients to participate in video consultations and healthcare practitioners to access medical history and treatment records.


Product Conceptualization, Custom Application Development, Rapid Prototyping


Django, WebRTC, CoTURN, Kubernetes, PosgreSQL, Redis



Understanding the challenge

The problem statement meant incorporating two core features: virtual consultations and patient record management. 

Our team used to working with sensitive PHI and adhering to HIPPA rules and regulations, implemented a database integrated with a third-party EHR system reasonably easily. 

The video-conferencing module meant solving the fundamental problem that firewalls or network limitations sometimes prevent direct contact. The solution was to use a CoTURN Server as the Relay server. In the event of an increase in load, the server has to be horizontally scaled. This thus results in two circumstances:

  • Multiple servers imply multiple IP addresses; however, for the same set of end users, multiple IP addresses are impossible at a time. 
  • Permanent scaling meant paying for services irrespective of load.

How we made it happen

User-friendly interface and design, focusing on ease of use for healthcare professionals and patients.


A video conferencing tool using WebRTC technology combined with a TURN server scaled with Kubernetes, allowing for high-quality video consultations. Kubernetes load balancer effectively splits a single IP address to multiple TURN servers.


The health practitioner can view the patient’s medical records in real-time during video consultations. This was accessed through a three-split tab that included the following:

  • A video conference tab that displayed the patient on the screen
  • A tab that viewed patient’s forms, medical records, and past prescriptions
  • A tab that helped practitioners make medical notes and prescribe more tests or medicines


The project manager successfully kept the cross-functional team motivated, discussed roadblocks, and managed goals all within a given time frame. The project documentation was carried out through the creation of the project plan, GANTT charts, and work breakdown structure.

Modules implemented

Video-conferencing service

Enabled patients and healthcare providers to communicate with each other through video and audio using a computer. 

Patient record management

A database system integrating available EHR systems for storing and managing patient records, including medical history, test results, and treatment plans.

High Level Design Architecture

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The result yielded by the project

TechVariable successfully created an MVP that meant easy access to healthcare services online through video consultations. This doctor-on-demand service helped improve patient-doctor engagement, save time, and provide specialty care at affordable prices.

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