Data Infrastructure Modernization

Adopt a cloud-based approach with our
Data Infrastructure Modernization services

Thanks to our long-term experience, Tech Variable can help you modernize your structure. For enterprises that wish to remain competitive, it’s important to keep moving forward. In this context, our Data Infrastructure Modernization services are the key to a brighter future.

What is Data Infrastructure -

This is a process through which a company or organization moves its data from a data warehouse or database to a cloud-based system.

It involves a vast improvement in the technologies and resources used to run the project. Hence, the advantages are enormous.

Your company information can be a highly valuable asset with the proper management.

The newest data-management tools include advanced AI and ML. These allow you to leverage information for the maximum profit of the business.

The word ‘profit’ in this case applies in the widest sense of the term.

Data Modernization helps to increase your ROI. It also streamlines processes, enhances security, and achieves a higher level of flexibility.

-Advantages of Data Modernization-
for 21st-century businesses

Reduce Costs

Moving data from physical to digital storage helps you reduce costs. Not only is the storage cheaper, but it also reduces operational costs. Such an approach leads to higher flexibility and streamlines scalability.

Enhance Security

Legacy systems are usually dependent on a particular provider or server. However, data-based solutions protect your information from losses, hacking, and other threats.

Take your Business to the Next Level

Technologies like ML and AI are the future. By using these tools, you can make your processes more agile. This helps your business to remain competitive. As a result, you achieve better results and increase productivity.

Promote Growth

If you want to make the maximum profit from your enterprise, you need to provide value. The competition out there is fierce and customers are becoming ever more demanding. A smart data management approach gives you a key advantage: real-time feedback. This means you can respond faster, shifting strategies according to the market’s demands.

Our Services

Database Modernization

We move your data from legacy databases to Google, Azure, or AWS. This will mean a significant improvement in data management.

Database Management

Firestore : A server-less database to develop applications. It offers real-time synchronization between the mobile app and the website.

Cloud spanner : This database has limitless scaling possibilities and a 99.99% availability.

Cloud BigTable : This is the best option for businesses that need to manage large workflows. Running on NoSQL, it combines scalability and simplicity with zero downtime.

Datastream : Server-less CDC and replication services.

Migration services : Simple procedure to move your database to an SQL cloud.

Choose TechVariable for your business’s next step

Taking your business to the next step is a big challenge. Nobody likes change, but it’s something we need to embrace in order to grow and develop. Your enterprise will benefit from the latest technologies and adopting a cloud-based model. With a team like Tech Variable, Data Infrastructure Modernization can be smooth and seamless.

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