A Guidebook on Design and Development of Digital Health Apps


Digital health apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people turn to technology to manage their health and wellness. Also known as Mobile health or mHealth Apps, it refers to medicine, monitoring, fitness, and personal health services delivered through mobile devices. As smartphone ownership and use become more widespread, the mHealth market has grown and developed correspondingly. Mobile health has the ability to improve services by improving efficiency, communication, costs, and quality of healthcare amenities. The efficiency of service delivery, convenience, and cost-effectiveness are primary reasons driving the adoption of mobile health Apps. These Apps increase the efficiency of medical attention and care, speed up diagnosis with an earlier onset of treatment cycles and thus improve the prognosis and cure.

This whitepaper shall attempt to put forth a manual, for anyone to follow when looking to conceptualize, design as well as develop a Healthcare application from scratch.

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