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A-LOCK: Revolutionizing Data Privacy with a Unique Cloud Storage Solution






Increase in data privacy

A Revolutionary Solution to Managed Privacy

Cloud storage services have become an integral part of our daily lives, with platforms like Dropbox and Mega dominating the market. Traditional cloud storage solutions offered by big-tech companies often hold copies of users’ data, which third-party entities can access. This has led to concerns over the misuse of personal information and data breaches. However, users’ apprehensions regarding data privacy and security have led to a demand for innovative solutions prioritizing user control and protection.

Our clients approached us with the vision of creating a unique cloud storage solution to provide enterprise-level privacy protection to daily users. They sought to develop a platform that would not store copies of users’ files, photos, videos, or memories, eliminating concerns over data breaches and unauthorized access.


MVP, Custom Application Development, Rapid Prototyping


Ionic, GunDB, Fastify, Tauri, Rust


New York, USA

Challenges to User-Controlled Data

The primary challenge was to design and develop A-LOCK to ensure only the user held the key to their data. This required implementing complex encryption systems and security protocols to protect user data from unauthorized access.

Meeting Data Privacy Concerns

  • Unique Data Encryption and Security Protocols

A-LOCK introduced a groundbreaking approach to cloud storage by prioritizing users’ privacy. The platform’s robust encryption and security protocols guarantee enterprise-level privacy protection.


  • Advanced File Upload and Access Control

A-LOCK used a split and shard mechanism across multiple cloud providers to handle file uploads. Signed URLs were provided to clients for uploading files, and in case of larger files, server-sent events were implemented. Device-level access to groups was added for each user to enhance security.


  • Optimized Download Strategy

A-LOCK incorporated a randomized download strategy to retrieve files from multiple cloud providers, ensuring a balanced distribution of requests. This approach enhanced download speed and overall user experience by preventing overload on a single provider.


  • Streamlined Deployment Process

The deployment process for the application on Windows was simple, but the process for MAC was complex due to unclear documentation and the need for specific certificates and permissions. These obstacles were eventually resolved through extensive research.

Modules implemented

Main service

The main service is the master server, handling user requests, signups, sign-ins, file uploads, and downloads, and push notifications.


As the name goes, this service is responsible for removing unwanted files and clearing storage resources from cloud providers when files or private networks are deleted.


This service automates tasks and implements the CRON jobs for the application. It facilitates automated notifications and clears deleted files after a specified duration.

SMS Email Service

The SMS Email service manages the delivery of OTPs, promotional messages, and other types of communication to users via SMS and email.

High Level Design Architecture

atlas architecture

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Empowering Users with Unprecedented Privacy Control

A-LOCK has successfully revolutionized the cloud storage landscape by providing a unique solution that empowers users with unparalleled control over their data. It offers several key benefits to its users:

  • Complete control over personal data, ensuring privacy from external threats.
  • User-friendly interface for easy data storage and access, catering to users of all technical expertise levels.
  • Enterprise-level privacy protection, making it a unique and compelling solution in the cloud storage market.
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