• Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          An automated data orchestration and pipeline management platform.

          An AI-powered, enterprise-ready Gen AI platform for internal teams.

          Healthcare Data Management

          Parsing engine and interactive mapper.

          Precision parsing, mapping, transformation & health data analytics.

        • Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          Custom, integrated predictive layer.

          Automated data movement for faster time-to-insights.

          Consolidated data for improved accessibility.

          Structured data for reporting, analytics and model training.

        • Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          Visual insights to help you optimize your data for analytics.

          Insider knowledge into proven methodologies and best data practices.

          Explore how businesses leveraged our data solutions to their advantage.

          Keep up with the latest trends to scale faster and outwit competition.

        • Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          We are a bold team supporting bold leaders like you ready to adopt and migrate to new technologies.

          Discover the essence of our tech beliefs and explore the possibilities they offer your business.

          Unlock your business potential by leveraging Gen AI and capitalizing on rich datasets.

          Lead your business to new heights and scale effortlessly with expert guidance along the entire customer journey.

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Data Engineering

DataSteroid: Transform Data at Scale
with Automation

Automate complex, resource-intensive data pipelining and deliver structured data compatible for analytics and AI-integrated solutions.

The DataSteroid Effect

Accelerate Your Business Toward Generative AI

The DataSteroid Effect

Achieve Operational Efficiency Faster Than Ever

Features You Can’t Miss

Enhance Your Data Transformation Workflow
10X Faster

Experience automated data extensibility, movement and orchestration while maintaining robust data security and compliance.

No-Code Platform

Simplify data engineering by opting out of custom querying and code generation. Leverage drag-and-drop features and on-click automation to get data pipelines ready in just a few clicks.

Integrate data across hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud environments within minutes. Experience seamless data exchange among various data sources including databases, applications and flat files.

Incorporate unique business requirements with our platform through customizations. Transform legacy data, build applications or incorporate additional features with a no-compromise, comprehensive solution.

Store, manage and utilize your transformed data on-premise or on a private cloud. Cut down operational expenses, optimize your budget and maintain data integrity, security and compliance.

DataSteroid in Action

Accelerate AI Integrations With
Simplified Data Engineering

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Go Beyond Your Competitors

Whatever You Choose, We Deliver.

Unleash the power of generative AI with a custom-engineered data transformation platform. Receive structured and organized data ready for analytics and AI-integrations.


Modern Data Management Practice With No Upgrades Needed

Incorporate your existing business intelligence tools such as Tableau and PowerBI, data sources, warehouses and lakes without having to worry about upgrades. Optimize your data management practice with custom integrations and extensibility.

Stay Informed, Make Smart Choices

The Road From Data to Decisions

Blog Title

Platform Capabilities

Maximize Data Value
without Technical Expertise

Optimize your data engineering practice including data discovery, profiling, cataloging, aggregation and cleaning, by leveraging our automated, no-code and customizable platform that makes data work for you.

Real-time Data Integration

Extract real-time data from multiple data sources to generate faster and richer insights driving swift, on-spot business decisions.

ETL Process Automation

Leave complex data pipelining and orchestration to us. Receive clean, structured and enriched data in just a few clicks.

Compliance and Security

Ensure your data never leaves your environment with on-premise deployment and facilitate robust data security and compliance.


Do not Settle for Less

Accommodate your business’ unique requirements into our platform through customizations. Find a way around rigid SaaS automation platforms with a comprehensive data engineering solution at your fingertips


Unify Your Data Sources for Insights

Connect all your data across hybrid, on-premise and multi-cloud environments with 300+ custom-built connectors.

Use Cases

Emerge a Leader With Fast, Rich and Actionable Insights

Legacy Application Data Integration

DataSteroid transforms complex legacy data into a unified format, successfully creating a singular source of truth and strategies backed by foolproof data. 

Say a 30-year-old company with loads of historical data saved in legacy applications is all up for modernization of its infrastructure. DataSteroid aggregates and integrates all data from old SQL data sources and creates a single source of truth regarding the master data as per demand. Non-technical management will gain better data visibility and make strategic data-driven decisions for the company. 

If the company isn’t fond of shedding old-school orthodoxy, DataSteroid effortlessly writes back into those legacy applications with the single master data layer already established during the transformation process.

DataSteroid maps every data point’s origin and transformation journey, establishing a clear data lineage. Whether it’s an irregularity in legacy application data or unexpected variations in newly integrated datasets, the platform swiftly navigates the intricate web of data transformations. 

Retailers employ DataSteroid to detect anomalies in sales data and customer behavior. They can trace anomalies to specific products, regions, or customer segments by mapping data lineage. Retailers can swiftly respond to unexpected spikes or drops in sales and adjust marketing strategies and inventory levels, ensuring they meet customer demands effectively. This approach enhances customer satisfaction and maximizes revenue opportunities.

DataSteroid, with intelligent algorithms and advanced matching techniques, precisely scans vast data sets, identifying redundancies and inconsistencies. It backs the longevity of organizational data initiatives by enhancing data accuracy. 

Additionally, it optimizes storage space, leading to more efficient use of resources.

Banks use DataSteroid to eliminate duplicate customer accounts and records from their databases. By consolidating customer information, the platform ensures each customer has a single, accurate account entry. 

This streamlined approach enhances customer service and improves targeted marketing efforts and risk assessment accuracy. With DataSteroid, banks maintain a clean, error-free customer database, fostering trust and loyalty among account holders while optimizing operational efficiency.


Why We Are Worth Your Time

Data is indispensable for any business looking to scale, improve process efficiency and transform into an AI-driven organization. We help you transform your data into valuable insights and establish a single source of truth for your business.

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Your Data, Our Priority

We are a team of data experts and code-practitioners committed to empowering budding businesses as well as veteran industry players to transform their organizations by wielding the power of transformed data.

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We Put Collaboration First

We prioritize collaboration between our partners’ internal teams and our host of data engineers and experts allowing different perspectives to mold comprehensive solutions to the most complex of data problems.

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Conversations Lead Us to Success

We value the role of conversations while forging fruitful business partnerships. This allows us to hear out our partners’ data management challenges and offer recommendations to alleviate their concerns.

Connected Solutions

Complete Package
for Your Data Needs

Explore other platforms that complement your data management practice and augment your efforts at becoming an AI-powered organization by integrating DataSteroid with them.

WordWise AI

Leverage the power of generative AI with a chat-based LLM solution integrated with an ML-Ops layer for your organization’s internal teams.


Integrate healthcare data across sources including EHRs, Claims and ADT feed and deliver quality patient care with structured, analytics-ready data.

Solutions Suite

Data Ecstasy

Automate your entire data management exercise with a comprehensive, no-code, end-to-end solution integrated with an ML-Ops layer.

Solutions Suite

Clinical Transform

Optimize healthcare data management through seamless data integration and utilize structured health data for predictive analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

DataSteroid is an advanced data management platform that consolidates and streamlines your data sources into one unified system. It enhances your ability to manage, analyze, and utilize data, transforming raw data into actionable insights for informed decision-making.

DataSteroid is designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of data sources, including structured and unstructured data, IoT devices, and third-party systems. It ensures that all your data is harmonized and accessible in one central location- be it a Data Warehouse or a Data Lake.

Absolutely. DataSteroid’s architecture is built for scalability, catering to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re dealing with gigabytes or petabytes of data, DataSteroid can adapt to your growing data requirements.

DataSteroid prioritizes your data’s security with robust encryption, secure data transfer, and strict access controls. Compliance with industry security standards is integral, ensuring your data is protected at every level.

DataSteroid offers real-time data processing capabilities, allowing you to access and analyze data as it’s captured. This feature is crucial for businesses requiring immediate insights for rapid decision-making.

Yes, DataSteroid is designed to integrate with popular Visualization platforms or ML/AI tools. This integration allows your data scientists and analysts to directly utilize the data within DataSteroid for developing and deploying machine learning models and AI-driven analytics.

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