• Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          An automated data orchestration and pipeline management platform.

          An AI-powered, enterprise-ready Gen AI platform for internal teams.

          Healthcare Data Management

          Parsing engine and interactive mapper.

          Precision parsing, mapping, transformation & health data analytics.

        • Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          Custom, integrated predictive layer.

          Automated data movement for faster time-to-insights.

          Consolidated data for improved accessibility.

          Structured data for reporting, analytics and model training.

        • Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          Visual insights to help you optimize your data for analytics.

          Insider knowledge into proven methodologies and best data practices.

          Explore how businesses leveraged our data solutions to their advantage.

          Keep up with the latest trends to scale faster and outwit competition.

        • Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          We are a bold team supporting bold leaders like you ready to adopt and migrate to new technologies.

          Discover the essence of our tech beliefs and explore the possibilities they offer your business.

          Unlock your business potential by leveraging Gen AI and capitalizing on rich datasets.

          Lead your business to new heights and scale effortlessly with expert guidance along the entire customer journey.

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Data Orchestration

Ensure Unified Data Flow Orchestration
and Achieve Analytics Precision

Streamline entire data pipelines and facilitate improved accessibility, accuracy and timely analytics with automated data flow orchestration.

Why Data Orchestration Matters

Experience Data Agility and Scalability

Reduce manual effort, minimize errors and optimize resource utilization with automated data pipelining and transformation.

Improved Data Quality

Ensure that data is cleansed, standardized, and enriched as it moves through various stages of the data pipeline. Unlock improved data quality, providing more reliable and accurate insights for decision-making.

Faster Time-to-Insight

Streamline your data pipeline and accelerate the process of turning your raw data into actionable insights for quicker decision-making and a competitive edge in the market.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Reduce manual intervention with automated data movement and transformation. Allow your organization to focus on more strategic tasks rather than spending excessive time on data management.

Compliance and Security

Leverage complementary data orchestration features for data governance, ensuring that data is handled in compliance with regulations and security standards. This is crucial for industries with strict regulatory requirements, such as healthcare and finance.

Deploy Seamless Workflows With Drag-and-Drop Data Pipelining

Leverage intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to build data pipelines without traditional coding or scripting. Allow business users to work alongside data engineers or analysts to design and understand data pipelines, fostering a collaborative approach to data integration. Spot potential errors or bottlenecks in pipelines easily with visual interfaces.

Get to Results Faster,
with Cross-Functional Collaboration

Allow employees across various functions to access and share data by leveraging no-code and automated data engineering processes, facilitating collaboration for more integrated solutions.

Receive Data in Any Format and Achieve Data Accuracy and Consistency

Facilitate effective querying, reporting and data visualization with structured data in your desired data format. Enable seamless data exchange between databases, software applications, and other data-driven tools and promote a more integrated and cohesive technological environment. Allow automation tools to easily understand and process data in a consistent format.

Explore Limitless Data
Integration Opportunities

Integrate AI to any and every data source including health data repositories.

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300+ Data Sources

Facilitate seamless data exchange across multiple data sources by leveraging 300+ pre-built and custom data connectors or operators within minutes. Ensure effective data consolidation and minimize operational costs.

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94+ EHRs

Deliver elevated patient care with health data aggregation from over 94 EHRs. Draw fast, reliable and rich insights and complement your quality care delivery efforts. Incorporate patient health data with claims or ADT feed data on the go.

Ensure Resource Optimization With Automated Data Transformation

Automate complex or multiple sequential data transformations and ensure reproducibility making it easier to recreate results and analyses. Adapt and modify automated data transformation processes with changes in data sources or transformation logic, ensuring flexibility in the face of evolving needs. Encourage collaboration with a standardized and repeatable transformation process.

Test and Iterate Your Ideas Before Full-Scale Implementation

Cut costs and mitigate risks associated with full-scale implementation of advanced data management and analytics platforms with pilot projects specific to your business use case.

Unlock Analytics and AI Accuracy Powered by Data Standardization

Enable accurate analysis and modeling in AI/ML with improved data quality and minimized discrepancies. Convert raw data into formats compatible with AI applications including natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision. Optimize model performance and accuracy with standardized data formats and distribution.

Power Up Your Analytics Approach with
Next-Gen LLM Solutions

Incorporate Generative AI capabilities into your business workflows, and empower agility and innovation.

ML-Ops Predictive Layer

Unlock the power of generative AI with a pre-built or custom ML-Ops Predictive Layer. Dig deep into your organization’s historical data for valuable insights, predict future trends and devise strategies on the go.

Bring Your Own Model (BYOM)

Gain access to custom-built ML models trained with your organization’s data or BYOM. Incorporate your organization’s own ML models through an easy-to-use plug-and-play interface.

Discover More Ways to Ensure
Data Reliability

Comprehensive Data Management Platform

Experience Automated, Reliable and
Orchestrated Data Pipelines

Gain access to end-to-end data engineering solutions with an integrated ML-Ops predictive layer, driving robust data workflows and AI-powered analytics.

Data Orchestration Solutions

Unlock One-Click Data Workflows

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An automated data orchestration and pipeline management platform.


An AI-powered, enterprise-ready Generative AI platform for internal teams.


A platform for healthcare data integration and interoperability enablement.

Data Ecstasy

Automate data engineering and integrate AI into your business flow.

Clinical Transform

Optimize healthcare data management and leverage Generative AI.


Eliminate Tool Fragmentation With Centralized Data Management

Achieve effortless data ingestion, movement and orchestration with one comprehensive, no-code platform.

Our Approach

Requisites to Achieve Data Consistency

Data is indispensable for any business looking to scale, improve process efficiency and transform into an AI-driven organization. We help you transform your data into valuable insights and establish a single source of truth for your business.

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Your Data, Our Priority

We are a team of data experts and code-practitioners committed to empowering budding businesses as well as veteran industry players to transform their organizations by wielding the power of transformed data.

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We Put Collaboration First

We prioritize collaboration between our partners’ internal teams and our host of data engineers and experts allowing different perspectives to mold comprehensive solutions to the most complex of data problems.

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Conversations Lead Us to Success

We value the role of conversations while forging fruitful business partnerships. This allows us to hear out our partners’ data management challenges and offer recommendations to alleviate their concerns.

Empower Generative AI Initiatives With Enriched Datasets

Enable the integration of varied datasets from different sources and ensure that your generative model has exposure to a broad spectrum of information, leading to more versatile and creative outputs.

Data Management Workshops

Navigate Data
Challenges With
Exclusive Workshops

Attend exclusive workshops with a team of data experts and receive a detailed report on your business’ data management practice.

What you get: