Regulatory Requirements in Healthcare Apps Design

The regulatory framework for healthcare apps incorporating AI has not kept up with technological advancements, causing confusion among app builders about compliance standards. This whitepaper will identify regulatory and compliance-related requirements for healthcare app developers to consider, including the absence of global standards.


Mind the Gap – Use of Technology in managing Care Gap

Healthcare gaps occur when best practices aren’t followed, leading to poor health outcomes and higher costs. Addressing these gaps is crucial for health equity. This whitepaper will explore how technology can reduce disparities in healthcare outcomes and minimize costs. It will identify specific areas where innovation can bring about change in care-gap management.


A Healthcare App developer’s playbook for design and build

Healthcare software is advancing with technology and design, improving patient care, reducing costs, and increasing satisfaction. HIT allows quick access to patient data, reduces errors, and improves diagnoses. This whitepaper focuses on areas developers should prioritize when creating healthcare applications.


A Guidebook on Design and Development of Digital Health Apps

Digital health apps, also known as mHealth apps, are increasingly popular for managing health and wellness through mobile devices. Mobile health improves healthcare efficiency, communication, costs, and quality. This whitepaper provides a guide for conceptualizing, designing, and developing a healthcare app from scratch.


Five key Product Strategies that determine success of Healthcare Apps

Many healthcare app builders focus on market opportunity and investor interest rather than solving a critical user problem. This approach is flawed. User needs should drive the design and development of healthcare apps. This whitepaper will identify five product design and development strategies for healthcare apps that can result in high user satisfaction and NPS.

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