Director Intel chose TechVariable to develop the platform because of its technical expertise, offshore development capabilities and proven fast turn-around. We worked on the initial scope for three months as planned. Director Intel has since decided to extend its engagement with us to strengthen the project further.

  • Create a scalable, modular platform that can expand features with business growth
  • Qualify for listing on RapidAPI – a centralized internal marketplace for APIs.
  • Ensure reliability of service and protect sensitive data.

We have taken micro service architecture approach since the client wanted to make it scalabale in future as needed. Also the client gave the scope in phased manner. we used Django rest framework as a back end web framework. For DB we have used PostgreSQL and for front end we have user react JS.

The crucial information processing happened using some NLP algorithms since most of the data was publicly available in textual format but highly unstructured. For example to extract meaningful entities we have used Spacy custom pipeline as entity extractor. Based on those entity values we tried to come up with a relevance score for each of the document we have scraped from web. The scoring algorithm is based on semantic analysis and word embedding. After finding high scoring document from web, we use our custom made document parser to extract and visualise relevant info in the front end.

There are some third party services like iexcloud is being used to get real time information like stock price etc.

For searching mechanism we used Elasticsearch to reduce load on the DB as well as to improve search results.