• Reports generation – Users from different levels of the hierarchy can access customized dashboards to view more than 60 reports according to their geography for allocations and expenditures.
  • Single system across geographies – It can now handle compensations for 91,000 employees across 30 countries, with enhanced visibility that allows for better planning.
  • Seamless Handling of Geographical Differences – It is compatible with the requirements and guidelines for each region while ensuring that such differences can be handled uniformly.
  • Increased efficiency – The HR team can now handle increases in workload with ease.
  • Hierarchical access authority – It provides users both a bird’s eye view and drills down data on a specific country or business unit.
  • Better planning capability – Leaders now have better visibility of funds required and utilized across geographies, thus facilitating better planning for upcoming compensations.

After successfully deploying the above modules, the client has now expanded the scope of work for TechVariable. The team is currently gathering requirements for additional modules for compensation management.