• Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          An automated data orchestration and pipeline management platform.

          An AI-powered, enterprise-ready Gen AI platform for internal teams.

          Healthcare Data Management

          Parsing engine and interactive mapper.

          Precision parsing, mapping, transformation & health data analytics.

        • Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          Custom, integrated predictive layer.

          Automated data movement for faster time-to-insights.

          Consolidated data for improved accessibility.

          Structured data for reporting, analytics and model training.

        • Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          Visual insights to help you optimize your data for analytics.

          Insider knowledge into proven methodologies and best data practices.

          Explore how businesses leveraged our data solutions to their advantage.

          Keep up with the latest trends to scale faster and outwit competition.

        • Data lifecycle management for seamless source-to-destination data movement, next-gen analytics and AI integration.

          Advanced Data ETL, Reporting and Gen AI

          No-code data engineering
          Automated data transformation
          Enterprise-grade LLM

          We are a bold team supporting bold leaders like you ready to adopt and migrate to new technologies.

          Discover the essence of our tech beliefs and explore the possibilities they offer your business.

          Unlock your business potential by leveraging Gen AI and capitalizing on rich datasets.

          Lead your business to new heights and scale effortlessly with expert guidance along the entire customer journey.

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Chat-based LLM Solution

WordWise AI: Elevate Your Business with
Generative AI Solutions

Leverage chat-based LLM solutions designed exclusively for organization’s internal teams and witness the confluence of insights generation and conversational AI.

The WordWise Effect

Take Smarter Decisions. Outperform Your Competition.

The WordWise Effect

Boost Productivity With Conversational AI

The WordWise Effect

Next-Gen LLM Solution
For Your Business

Elevate employee engagement, generate rich insights without technical expertise and achieve goals faster with AI.

AI-Powered Conversations

Experience human-like querying and generate intelligent insights in a few clicks. Access instant responses, interactive charts and add trackable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Unlock the power of generative AI with a pre-built or custom ML-Ops Predictive Layer. Dig deep into your organization’s historical data for valuable insights, predict future trends and devise strategies on the go.

Gain access to custom-built ML models trained with your organization’s data or BYOM. Incorporate your organization’s own ML models through an easy-to-use plug-and-play interface.

Monitor responses and modify them with a user-friendly admin control interface. Put checks on existing ML models, the insights they generate and manage user feedback. Add data sources on the go.

WordWise AI in Action

Experience the Confluence of
Intelligence and Efficiency

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Go Beyond Your Competitors

Whatever You Choose, We Deliver.

Experience absolute flexibility with WordWise AI. Integrate any and every data source including your databases, lakes and warehouses, and control responses with custom code through an admin user interface.

Multi-utility Chat Interface

Unlock Data Potential with Visualization

Generate insightful charts from historical or real-time data, utilize these to forecast future business events and take advantage of predictive analytics complemented with visual reporting.

Stay Informed, Make Smart Choices

The Road From Data to Decisions

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Platform Capabilities

AI-Powered Conversations
to Charge Your Business

Make the most out of your organization’s data with our ML-Ops backed LLM solution. Integrate all your data with 300+ custom connectors, facilitating seamless data sharing and insight generation without technical know-how.

Human-like Querying

Ensure efficient data querying with AI-powered textual responses and facilitate collaboration between internal teams without technical expertise.

Predictive Analysis

Leverage our platform’s complementary ML-Ops layer to draw fast and rich insights, predict future trends and provide real-time recommendations.

Continuous Learning

Unlock the potential value of your data with our platform’s adaptive capabilities. Ensure your model grasps your specific language usage and preferences.

Custom-engineered for Organizations

Stand Out With Custom Solutions

Stay ahead of your competitors with a generative AI solution custom-engineered to accommodate your business’ unique requirements. Whatever you choose, we deliver.


Unify Your Data Sources for Insights

Connect all your data across hybrid, on-premise and multi-cloud environments with 300+ custom-built connectors.

Use Cases

Emerge a Leader With Fast, Rich and Actionable Insights

Optimized Demand Forecasting

WordWise, powered with the combination of an intuitive MLOps layer and the ability to generate human-understandable query responses, enables businesses to have more autonomy and a better understanding of their data. 

The platform analyzes historical sales data, buyer-supplier patterns, and market trends to forecast demands and manage inventory. With an efficient data-backed KPI tracking feature, such as quarterly sales and inventory metrics, business leaders can foresee demand spikes, stock shortages, and popular products. They can make informed decisions about product offerings and customer experience, giving them the competitive advantage to monopolize the market.

WordWise utilizes its intelligent data analytics feature to analyze intricate customer data, enabling banks and insurance companies to identify cross-selling opportunities effortlessly. 

The platform meticulously evaluates customer profiles and behaviors, strategically promoting new term insurance products to existing customers with related insurances. This personalized approach enhances customer engagement and loyalty and drives significant revenue growth.

WordWise understands customer aspirations and financial goals, due to which institutions can proactively offer relevant products and services, creating unparalleled customer experiences and fostering more profound connections.

WordWise analyzes historical data using sophisticated algorithms to understand client behavior, preferences, and purchase trends comprehensively. 

The platform makes it simple to monitor client acquisition expenses, improve customer segmentation, and precisely maximize customer lifetime value. WordWise allows organizations to personalize engagement to resonate with individual customers and tailor marketing efforts for improved conversion rates by assessing past interactions, preferences, and purchase history. 

WordWise’s insights go beyond trend forecasting, enabling businesses to adapt and innovate, staying ahead of the competition.


Why We Are Worth Your Time

Data is indispensable for any business looking to scale, improve process efficiency and transform into an AI-driven organization. We help you transform your data into valuable insights and establish a single source of truth for your business.

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Your Data, Our Priority

We are a team of data experts and code-practitioners committed to empowering budding businesses as well as veteran industry players to transform their organizations by wielding the power of transformed data.

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We Put Collaboration First

We prioritize collaboration between our partners’ internal teams and our host of data engineers and experts allowing different perspectives to mold comprehensive solutions to the most complex of data problems.

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Conversations Lead Us to Success

We value the role of conversations while forging fruitful business partnerships. This allows us to hear out our partners’ data management challenges and offer recommendations to alleviate their concerns.

Connected Solutions

Complete Package
for Your Data Needs

Explore other platforms that complement your data management practice and augment your efforts at becoming an AI-powered organization by integrating DataSteroid with them.

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Automate complex, resource-intensive data pipelining and deliver structured data compatible for analytics and AI-integrated solutions.


Integrate healthcare data across sources including EHRs, Claims and ADT feed and deliver quality patient care with structured, analytics-ready data.

Solutions Suite

Data Ecstasy

Automate your entire data management exercise with a comprehensive, no-code, end-to-end solution integrated with an ML-Ops layer.

Solutions Suite

Clinical Transform

Optimize healthcare data management through seamless data integration and utilize structured health data for predictive analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordWise is an advanced language model solution that enhances communication and decision-making through AI-driven text understanding and generation. It can interpret and respond to queries, generate reports, and provide insights, making internal and external communication more efficient and data-driven.

WordWise is designed for seamless integration with various data sources, both internal and external. It can process and analyze structured and semi-structured data, offering versatile applications across different business functions.

Yes, WordWise offers flexible customization options to cater to specific industry requirements and use cases. Its machine learning layer can be tailored to provide relevant insights and responses based on your unique business data and objectives.

By leveraging its advanced AI capabilities, WordWise provides quick and intelligent insights from large volumes of data, aiding in more informed and quicker decision-making. It can analyze trends, predict outcomes, and offer data-driven recommendations.

Absolutely. WordWise can automatically generate detailed, contextually relevant graphs and visualizations, saving valuable time and effort. Its natural language generation is fluent and adaptable to various query types.

We provide comprehensive support and training for WordWise implementation. This includes technical assistance, user training to maximize the tool’s capabilities, and ongoing support to ensure seamless integration and usage within your organization.

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