Perks of working close to home as a web developer



Neelam Das

I was a fresher working for a small yet promising startup in Bengaluru. It was probably in the mid-September of 2020;

“Hey, would you like to attend an interview for a Guwahati-based company?” my friend said over the phone.

“Which company?” I inquired.

“One of the HRs at TechVariable contacted me asking for React Developers.”, he said.

“Let’s give it a shot,” I replied.

During the interview, when I heard the name TechVariable, I wasn’t quite aware of its growing magnitude. Regardless of whether I was shortlisted or not, I was thrilled that tech companies are now flourishing even in small towns like Guwahati.

It might sound strange for an IT professional to return to his hometown after working in a tech hub like Bengaluru, but I longed to return home. I kept my eyes out for any prospects from this corner because I wanted to work somewhere close to my home, although it wasn’t a desperate move. I had the job interview, and it went smoothly. Fast forward to November, and I finally became a curious employee of TechVariable.

As is typical, I was a bit nervous on my first day. Each staff member was introduced to me, and they all greeted me with a friendly smile. Although I am pretty new to the tech world, I feel that I am at the correct setup. The desire of every developer here to gladly assist anyone who is struggling astounds me, and the group’s unity is really palpable to me. Since then, I have learned a lot from a personal point of view, yet I have so much to catch up on! I believe this is a sign that I’m learning and improving every day. We all know how important it is to keep upgrading oneself to keep up with the high-paced IT industry.

TechVariable has opened up many exciting opportunities for me. Not only from a developer’s point of view but also from someone’s viewpoint, who can’t stay away from home for various reasons and when there are not enough IT companies in his city that can offer a decent package to make ends meet. Also, the company has helped me a lot in finding the work-life balance that I longed for. I was astonished by senior developers’ knowledge and how they share their knowledge to improve you. The company should be appreciated for keeping such great developers in a relatively more minor Tier 2 city.

But, the primary factor that makes working at TechVariable enjoyable is the culture that the company has created. The bond that these people share outside their coding world. Humans naturally don’t realize creating such sweet moments that they rejoice by reminding themselves of the distant future. I believe, even though I am relatively new in the profession, this is the time I would be pleased about reminding myself of my work-life experience once I retire.

I know I fast-forward to 20 years from now. Nobody will remember the lines of code I wrote or the structures I followed in my coding. Still, they will surely remember the time they spent with me chatting about politics to aliens in coffee breaks or at a party as we go to great lengths to make work enjoyable. That’s what I love about being here. Even though work pressure can be high at times, I still get the excitement to go to the office, meet all the colleagues in the office, and share a laugh with my team members, and that’s a sign that I am enjoying my present. I feel this is the most essential element in life.

As the old saying goes, ‘Make a career on something you love, then you will never have to work a day in your life.’ That’s what we are doing here, making work fun, and hopefully, I can be part of this company for a long time and keep rejoicing these beautiful memories that I have been making ever since I joined.


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