TechVariable’s Talent Incubator Program to address the Re-Skilling Challenges

Are you passionate about programming?

Would you like to earn and learn from TechVariable’s engineers?

Would you like to know more about TechVariable as an employer?

Would you like to learn how TechVariable is increasing employment for engineering graduates from the region?

So what exactly is a Talent Incubator?

Talent Incubator Program is a TechVariable sponsored learning and development program that hires top engineering students to train and upskill them as future employees for TechVariable.

Every summer, interested final year students are recruited through an on-campus recruitment drive and in the final semester chosen students are upskilled and groomed in a way to prepare them for their professional careers. The selected students will conduct research, create project deliverables, and regularly meet with TechVariable’s team to work on final year projects all the while learning different technologies and project management skills.

The Talent Incubator provides a tremendous opportunity to the students to get paid during internships, work on live international projects and work in full time positions upon successful completion of the program.

Program benefits for students

Earn money for building your skills and increasing your value as a potential employee.
Perform research in an area of your interest.
Develop critical research, project, and time-management skills.
Apply concepts, theory, and tools just learned in courses to a practical project environment.
Acquire an edge over the competition in the future job market.
Develop technical as well as soft skills.

Programme structure

6-12 months

Join TechVariable as a full time employee upon successful completion of the programme!

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Who can apply?

Frequently asked questions

In terms of digital experience, TechVariable’s competitive advantage and highly skilled employees set us apart in the market. By working with us we will ensure your brand or product will be of a high standard, and our incredible team won’t stop until we reach near-perfection.

TechVariable’s Talent Incubator Program is a company-sponsored program for the best talents of the region. Each year best talents are handpicked from the premier institutes and Universities and trained in-house at TechVariable. Final year students get to intern at TechVariable and work on the final year project.

The Talent Incubator program was created to bridge the gap between academics and skills required in the industry. The programme structure is curated by business leaders and leading programmers to develop qualities and build skills as required in the industry.

Industry exposure in terms of top-notch programming and software development methodologies.

a. An exclusive opportunity for the finest training from the best technologists and startup folks.

b. Continuous guidance, support and assessment.

c. Learn all the tips and tricks to become an A-Class programmer while you are still in college.

d. Chance to assist in live projects for global clients.

Yes, definitely! However, for such cases, you will have to go through the usual recruitment process. Once you are selected after the interview rounds, you will be a part of the program for 0 to 1-year experienced professionals and will need to complete the program. Although this is a 6-month programme, based on your skills and speed you will be given the option to finish the program sooner.

No. It is free of cost. Selected students get a monthly stipend until the completion of the programme and are offered a full-time job with the best in the industry salary and awesome benefits. Visit here to know more about our culture and the benefits of working at TechVariable.

Yes, the bond duration is 2 years. You will be trained and groomed by the best programmers and also be paid a monthly stipend, which is why you will need to sign a bond for 2 years.

This is not a certificate program, this programme is curated to develop and train future employees of TechVariable. You will however receive the certificate of internship to showcase the project that you work on during the time of the programme.

You will need to go through the interview and pass the programming assignments. Here’s the minimal requirement check-list:

a. Decent software development skills in any language/stack (Python, Java, Node, JavaScript, React, Machine Learning etc.)

b. Willing to work at our client locations in India and USA post-pandemic.

c. Curious, energetic, and ready to work hard and learn a lot.

d. Good verbal and written communication skills, minimum C1 level.

No, this is not an internship programme, rather similar to on the job training for candidates who can be future employees of techvariable.