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A Smooth System to Manage POI Profiles Seamlessly

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One of the largest venture capital firms in USA, located in California, needed to optimize its data collection and management processes. The client’s platform gathers data from credible online platforms and uses it to create POI (person of interest) profiles. In line with this, TechVariable
created a system that automates this process and optimizes the company’s logistics.


Working with a large multinational VC firm made TechVariable foray into a new industry segment. The platform collects and segregates relevant information on people from available online resources including location, videos, job position, the company they work for and for how long, etc. Then the profiles are classified into tiers, with Tier 1 being the highest.

This process allows the company to have a directory of POIs it can contact if needed. This helps them source talent and partners easily. It is worth noting that the product was designed only for investors, not external users.

The primary challenge we faced was to build upon a previously created system, which required knowledge transfer from the in-house team. Our team had to accommodate the client’s extremely busy schedules and limited bandwidth, making the process less agile than expected. However, we did what it took to ensure that the project timelines did not suffer, even if that meant working odd hours!

Another challenge involved data transfer and management. The project was based on multiple tiers and criteria, and these were kept in an Excel file in formulas like ‘A + C’ or ‘A divided by C’, etc. TechVariable matched the formulas according to the database and backend logic, to tackle the situation early in the project timeline and ensure smooth working.


TechVariable appointed one front-end developer with expertise in UI design and a backend developer with wide experience in scraping and integration technologies. The duo was able to handle the lack of information in the early stages itself and were able to steer the project satisfactorily through to the completion stage.

The team used the following guidelines and technology:
· They built an admin panel for desktops (UI expertise was useful for this).
· They created an app in the back end based on Django.
· They used PostgreSQL and MongoDB for managing the databases.

In only eight months, TechVariable delivered the robust data integration platform to out VC client who finds it extremely useful in mapping the businesses and investors, aptly and efficiently.

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The Result

  • Investors can easily follow their POI’s activities and updates.
  • Investors receive notifications when their POI’s profile changes (promotions, changing of logos, etc.)
  • Investors get notified when a POI has made a significant change and becomes available for a job position.
  • Data collection and administration are simplified.

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