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TechVariable worked with a swiftly growing AI-powered account intelligence platform to develop and enhance its modules, features, and codebase. Headquartered in Delaware, the company offers account management and contextual intelligence for sales teams to help them improve conversions. They needed a solid engineering and developing team to provide resources and thus develop the front-end and backend sides of the product.


Two of the biggest improvements that the TechVariable team made was the enhancement of search APIs and the creation of an autocomplete feature. Our experts tackled this challenge by highly optimizing the DB queries and implementing caching and indexing strategies. A different module was used for the autocomplete feature using ElasticSearch, and fuzzy-logic-based mechanisms were implemented. As a result, TechVariable improved the search experience by 40–50%.

Another challenge was that the data available was very structured, and TechVariable had to create a tree-based visualization tool for the internal DataOps team. At this point, the TechVariable team did an outstanding job by creating different complex algorithms. Thus, data could be fetched and generated in the proper format.

Some of the original modules were tightly coupled and very unstructured. By refactoring said modules and decoupling, TechVariable improved performance by 20–30%. An additional benefit of this solution was better code readability.


TechVariable created a Data Tool for the client’s internal team. As mentioned above, the client required a tree-based data visualization tool. Also, they created a plugin to be installed within Slack for automated collection of leads. TechVariable implemented the following:

  • OAuth authorization that enables the user to install the app within the workspace
  • Automated Intel notification in the Slack channels
  • Tool to track and untrack a user’s reaction to a given message
  • Sharing of interactive messages with other channels or users
  • Customization and use of various Slash Command functionalities

An important contribution was the creation of a new feature for the Microsoft Teams app, enabling clients to invite their coworkers for quick reviews and feedback. The team also created a bot for this app that had the capability to ask basic product-related queries.

Moreover, TechVariable’s experts went beyond meeting the client’s expectations to deliver the highest quality work possible. While creating the Slack-friendly app, they also created an event tracker so the client could track information on things such as user reactions and satisfaction level. Such a tool became vital for the client to conduct accurate analyses and to tune their algorithms.

Additionally, the team integrated Google Chat with the client’s feedback system, resulting in the user receiving client feedback automatically in Google. This saved valuable time, as the client no longer needed to log in to the platform and browse through all the feedback to find the most recent submission.

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The Result

  • The Slack-friendly app increased the overall effectiveness as well as adaptability of the product which eventually helped the client increase their customer base significantly.
  • The DataOps tool developed by TechVariable optimized the client’s internal processes and reduced their workload.

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