An Innovative Augmented Reality and AI Solution for Online Clothing Stores






Increase in Sales Efficiency


A Canada-based client was looking for a solution that could improve online sales for participating sellers, and in turn, make their marketplace platform more lucrative. TechVariable brought its raw idea to life by imagining and designing software that creates a user’s avatar based on information provided by the users themselves. Thus, the team took their first Augmented Reality project and delivered it in a record time of six months.


Rapid Prototyping, Custom Application Development


React Native. 3.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL


Ontario, Canada


This has been TechVariable’s first AR project, and need we to say one that makes the team proud! Our proven expertise in AI came in handy, too. One of the biggest challenges faced was to create an avatar based on only two pictures and two videos (clockwise and anticlockwise). A free demo instructor also had to be included to direct the users on how to take the images.

While using the App, the end-users (respective store’s customers) would be required to provide their pictures and videos. At the time of registration, they would need to enter vital data like height, weight, skin, hair color, etc. Then they would be asked to make a video of themselves aligning the camera inside a frame. The perfect alignment would be key, for which the app needed to nudge the user until they get it right. With this information from the back end, TechVariable needed to build an avatar that would turn 360°.


A challenge is what TechVariable thrives on! So, after rigorous research, learning, ideating, and experimenting, four of our engineers realized the client’s dream. The four experts were handpicked for the project, after due consideration of their core strengths in the:

  • UI-UX design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Frontend management
  • Backend management

We tackled the project’s challenges using

  • Three.JS technology
  • Creation of three interactive 3D models of the avatar.

The client was as delighted with the deliverable as they were with the continuous flow of communication and the unwavering eagerness of the team to get it right. If an issue appeared, the client was immediately informed, which contributed to a smooth workflow. By delivering this project, TechVariable has yet again proven to be an agile team with optimal speed and a great predisposition to new challenges.

Modules implemented

UI-UX design

Here, we worked on defining the user experience. As the app was using cutting-edge technology, the experience was vital for the end users to feel it.

Capturing user image and vitals

Through this module, the app captures the user images and vitals which are used to define the user avatar.

Interactive Avatar creation

This module was responsible for creating user avatars. We used three.Js to create interactive avatars which can be viewed as augmented reality.

High Level Design Architecture

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The Result

  • Online clothes stores reduce the number of returns and product exchanges.
  • Clients can create their avatars within minutes thanks to a free tutorial.
  • Clients can try the products on their avatars before buying.
  • The avatar can be turned 360° for a better user experience.
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