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Electronic document management is a constantly evolving problem experienced across fields. A client came to us with a vision for creating a SaaS product that would enable enterprises to manage and audit documents, saving a huge amount of human time and effort for businesses. TechVariable worked with them to create a new tool to ease this point of pain for their future customers.


The crowded field of document management software meant the client had to stand out. Brand new frameworks needed to be engineered. Our team needed to gain new skills and create novel solutions:

  • A new structure was required for seamless access to a role-based application. For this, the team built a utils function that checks for the inputted role in the token and grants access to only those features of the app to which the respective user is entitled.
  • The client wanted a calendar feature similar to Google Calendar, enabling a self-contained and secure calendar with custom notifications. New elements needed to be formatted for this module to function successfully.
  • Creating an all-in-one viewer for PDF, DOCX, and XLSX files proved to be laborious, as the viewer was unstable.
  • The auditing section of the tool required new templates to reduce the risk of redundancies and bloating the software.


  • The team used a react-cloak library to integrate Keycloak’s authentication with React’s UI builder.
  • A custom CSS was created for directly targeting components within the built-in calendar.
  • Each file type received a dedicated format viewer. The software would check the document type and render a viewer for that type.
  • We built dynamic forms for the auditing templates by using a strategy that reduced the boilerplate by 30%.
  • The new system runs on desktop and mobile and controls access to six levels.

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High Level Design Architecture

The Result

  • The project’s initial scope only asked for document management capabilities. Delighted by the results, the client later expanded the scope to include an auditing tool.
  • Within six months, our team created a versatile, distinctive, and lightweight application and created a brand-new model for management tools.

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