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A client in Portugal had an idea for a platform that would sell coupons to events and enable clients to book appointments and reserve discount specials. It featured unique UI designs and filled a gap in the Portuguese market. A team of four took the application from concept to reality in only three months.


Creating an app in Portuguese for both Android and iOS platforms presented multiple obstacles that were new to the team:

  • Stripe presented local hurdles on multiple levels that required constant innovation and testing, to iron out issues and move forward. The development and production environments produced disparate results, meaning tasks that worked well in development would suddenly break in production.
  • The client conceived a new invoice type. There was no previous documentation available to work from.
  • Payment flow was complicated, and transactions were often auto-blocked by Stripe’s software due to cross-border legal limitations. Additionally, Stripe was not reliable when working in India (for testing).
  • Social media authentication using Fireauth and Firebase relied on a database that did not follow common conventions, creating a unique conundrum. While easy to use, the database was difficult to configure.


The team was undeterred, and they engineered effective solutions:

  • The TechVariable team worked with the client to develop a robust testing format that could work around their geographical limitations and bypassed Stripe’s auto-blocking problem.
  • Through perseverance and an innovative spirit, the team found a solution to the new invoice type. They integrated Zapier and Invoice Express while incorporating QUII’s branding to prevent customer confusion.
  • The team created a new solution for Stripe’s language challenges, allowing transfers from connected-to-connected accounts, instead of Stripe’s platform account-to-connected account workflow.
  • They learned to use Firebase to build rich and collaborative applications accessible directly from the client side.
  • The application was designed and built using Microservice architecture on the back end, allowing partial releases and extensive testing.

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High Level Design Architecture

The Result

  • The client’s novel application filled a clear gap in the Portugal e-commerce space
  • The flexible new application-maintained continuity between iOS and Android app store UIs. This made it easier for businesses and customers to find and use the app.

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