Empowering Clinical Trials with Master Data Management






Increase in Clinical Trail Visibiility


In the project for one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies, we developed a complete visualization using D3.js. The library’s exceptional customization capabilities allowed us to create visually stunning and tailored graphs, including Sankey, Drop-line, Forrest, and Bespoke charts. We seamlessly integrated the visualization into company’s Drupal site, ensuring compatibility and a smooth user experience. D3.js’s flexibility and versatility enabled us to manipulate data, design captivating elements, and implement interactive features, resulting in a rich user experience.




Python, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, React, D3.js, Docker, AWS


New York, USA


  1. Fragmented Data: The clinical trials team had vast quantities of critical data scattered across multiple teams. This fragmentation made it challenging to access, analyze, and extract insights from the data.
  2. Inefficient Data Indexing and Cataloging: The lack of a unified system for indexing and cataloging the data led to inconsistencies, redundancies, and retrieval difficulties, thereby hindering efficient data utilization.
  3. Absence of Holistic Dashboards: Without comprehensive dashboards, there was no quick and convenient way for the team to visualize and interpret the data, impeding timely decision-making


  1. Unified Data Management: We developed a master data management platform to aggregate data from various teams within the clinical trials division into a single, accessible system, thereby enhancing data consistency and accuracy.
  2. Efficient Data Indexing and Cataloging: The platform incorporated advanced indexing and cataloging capabilities. This helped in structured data storage, making data retrieval faster and more efficient.
  3. Comprehensive Dashboards: We created user-friendly, intuitive dashboards that provided visualized data insights, enabling quicker understanding and better decision-making.

Modules implemented

Data Aggregation

 Collects and collates data from various teams

Indexing and Cataloging

Structures and organizes data for quick retrieval

Dashboard Development

Visualizes data insights in a user-friendly manner

High Level Design Architecture

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The Result

Implementation of our solution led to a 50% improvement in data retrieval speed, enabling faster decision-making and significantly enhancing the efficiency of clinical trials.

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